Ziqal Dimension MK3 [PRE-ORDER]


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Dimension mk3 is a high quality and high definition, digital audio oscillator in the eurorack module format. It brings modern wavetable oscillators techniques, unprecedented computing power and flexibility in an incredibly small form factor. Its compatibility with the computer world of wavetable format standards and processing power will give your eurorack synthesizer access to endless new sonic textures and possibilities!

24 voices

The Dimension oscillator is capable of playing up to 24 voices simultaneously. These 24 voices can be used to play programmed or scaled chords, dual oscillators, polyphonically, in unison or all together. Dimension is an oscillator but can be used as a full synth voice when needed. Four internal VCAs and ADSRs are available and can be activated to provide full four voices polyphony!


The Dimension wavetable engine uses 2048 samples * 256 waveforms wavetables to bring high definition tables to your system. Its precision reproduction of wavetables enables the reproduction of a wide range of sonic textures! Dimension is compatible with the Serum and Vital wavetables formats and features an intuitive and fast file browser, allowing you to explore thousands of availables wavetables. Just drop your favourite wavetables on a SD card, plug it into Dimension and instantaneously start exploring new sonic territory!


The internal wavetable pool memory can store up to 25 wavetables. 128 patches can be stored and recalled instantaneously in/from the internal memory. The 25 wavetables can be used freely in any of the 128 patches giving you an incredible array of sonic possibilities! Session and module memory can backup or recall from the front panel slot and the included micro-SD card. 


Dimension lets you navigate and morph within wavetables but is not limited to this! In addition to this, the navigation processor allows you to configure sets of wavetables to extend the navigational dimensions beyond traditional wavetable synthesizers. You can now morph across all wavetables in memory for unrivaled exploration! 


You can real time twist, flip, streetch, Squeeze, fold, wavetable with the internal warp processor. 


Aux (R) output can be used to output stereo audio but not only this… Aux can also be set up to output a secondary oscillator, an LFO clockable wavetable, or convert a MIDI signal from its TRS MIDI input to a useful CV signal like a Gate, Trigger or more!


The Dimension features 3 macro modulation inputs: A, B and NAV. These macro controls can be assigned in each patch to any parameter or combination of parameters to further push the possibilities of exploration with Dimension by being controlled within the eurorack ecosystem!   

  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 27mm
  • Power: 100mA @ +12V / 15mA @ -12V
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