Do you want to sell your used audio gear at Nightlife Electronics?

We can sell your vintage synthesizer, eurorack modular, drum machine, sampler, tape echo or audio device here at the shop and on our website.

Please email before bringing the item in for consignment. Let us know the make and model of the item and the overall condition/functionality.

Here at Nightlife Electronics we offer the best in vintage audio equipment and only sell items that are fully functional and calibrated to factory specification (unless otherwise noted). As such all items sold at the shop will be inspected, calibrated, repaired and cleaned as needed. Any cost of repair and calibration will be the responsibility of the consignor and will be discussed before listing an item for sale. If the item was originally sold with a power adapter or other accessories required to properly use the device, these must be brought in with the item or will be replaced and the cost to do so will be deducted from the final payout. 


Consignment Rates & Terms

Upon the sale of an item, the consignor will receive 75% of the final sale price, paid by cheque. For store credit the consignor receives 80% of the agreed sale price. We have a $50 minimum consignment fee.

For higher value items the consignment rate can be negotiated.
Payment for the sold item will typically be made within 7-14 business days from the date that funds are cleared depending on the sale channel the item is sold through. Items sold on Reverb could be subject to a 30 day holding period due to Reverbs's right of return policy.

Payout amount is based on the final sale price minus any auction and shipping fee. 

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