****The repair shop at Nightlife Electronics is closed until further notice. Due to the increasing number of Covid 19 cases in Vancouver we will not be taking new repairs into the shop****


Nightlife Electronics offers a repair facility dedicated to the service and restoration of vintage and modern synthesizers, drum machines, modular synths, DJ equipment and mixers.

Born out of a true love of electronic music and an obsession with the equipment that made it, Nightlife Electronics is the result of more than 15 years of studio work and live performance that transitioned into the repair and maintenance of the very equipment I used on a day to day basis. 

The goal of Nightlife Electronics is to provide Vancouver with a space that is dedicated to keeping the tools and instruments of electronic music alive and kicking for this generation and future generations to come.

  • Any repair inquiries can be sent to
  • No appointment is needed to drop of an item for repair, come by anytime during regular store hours 
  • We do not service all types of equipment; if you are unsure whether or not we can fix your item please email us before bringing it in for repair. Some examples of things we do not work on: any type of lighting equipment, speakers, amplifiers, smoke machines
  • We do not order parts for equipment that is not in the shop. If you need parts to be preordered for a repair please email us to arrange pre-purchase of parts
  • Any repair with a required turn around of three business days or less will be considered "rush repairs" and subject to additional charges
  • Labour is billed in 15 minute increments
  • The minimum charge for any repair is $65

Synthesizers are basically the best. They sound like the future, they are fun to play and when you hook them up to drum machines you don't need friends. Until they break... That's where we come in. We offer restoration, repair and general maintenance on all manner of vintage and modern synthesizers like Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Moog, Sequential Circuits, DSI, Elektron and many more.

Drum machines, like synths, are basically the best. Also like synths they need some work from time to time. Whether you have a Transistor Rhythm, a MPC or anything in between, if it needs work we can help.

One of our specialties at Nightlife Electronics is maintaining and repairing DJ equipment. Things like Technics SL-1200 turntables and Pioneer DJM mixers are the industry standard in clubs around the world. They are tough and well made but take a beating on a weekly basis. Drink spills, broken faders, broken tonearms, damaged RCA connectors.. you name it, we've fixed it. We try to keep as many parts in stock as possible to minimize turnaround time so that you can put the gear back in the booth!

The world of DIY electronics has never been more active than it is currently. There are countless exciting projects coming out on an almost monthly basis, from the Mutable Instruments Shruthi to the DIY Pearl Syncussion. The problem lies with finding the time to build them (or the patience to troubleshoot when/if they don't work). If you have a kit that needs building, give us a call.   

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