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Moskwa II is an eight-step sequencer generating two kinds of signals: gate/trigger and CV. Designed with live sequence programming in mind, Moskwa II takes inspiration from classic analog sequencers and greatly expands on their functionality surpassing our original Moskwa rotosequencer, while retaining the same size, basic panel structure, and operation principles.

At the core of the module is an eight-step CV sequencer and a parallel eight-step gate/trigger sequencer. Together these sequencers provide the single pair of CV and gate/trigger signals necessary to play looped eight-note musical phrases typical of old-school analog sequencers. These two signals (CV and gate/trigger) can be used separately to trigger different events in your system and modulate any parameters expecting CV (e.g. in the available bipolar mode). The CV can be modified by the built-in quantizer and slew limiter.

The tempo of the sequence is set by an internal or external clock which allows for synchronization with other modules in the system. The incoming clock rate can be internally divided or multiplied.

In addition to these basic functions, Moskwa II offers more unique, advanced features, such as eight independent gate/trigger pattern generators (one for each step of the sequence). You can treat them like a sequencer within the sequencer offering eight microsteps for each main sequence step. This allows for programming complex gate/trigger rhythmic patterns (e.g. step repeat, additional pauses, microtiming, or swing effect).

Moskwa II features two independent randomization sections that give the user advanced control over the optional chaotic/random change of various sequence parameters. Topping it all off, Moskwa II can store eight presets to be loaded at any time.

  • Width: 20HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: 40mA @+12V / 0mA @-12V
  • Manual
  • Custom gate/trig pattern for each step
  • Custom gate/trig sequence up to 256 steps
  • Built-in quantizer, slew limiter
  • Two randomization circuits
  • Eight preset slots
  • Built-in clock 12–2400 BPM
  • External clock input, clock multiplier, and divider
  • Unipolar & bipolar operation
  • Two units can be daisy-chained for longer sequences

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