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Bohumin [bo'xumin] is an expander for our Ostrawa full stereo mixer module. By connecting to Bohumin, Ostrawa gains a second full stereo AUX bus with voltage control over the amount of the effect on each channel. Bohumin features manual attenuators for stereo returns of both AUX A and AUX B, as well as four gate inputs for automated clickless muting of each stereo input channel. Please note that Bohumin is not compatible with Ostrawa's sister module Praga. Similarly, Praga's expander Hrad cannot be connected to Ostrawa. However it is possible to chain any combination of Ostrawas and Pragas, and each of them may have its corresponding expander attached.

  • Width: 10HP
  • Power: 50mA @+12V / 40mA @-12V
  • Expander for Xaoc Devices Ostrawa mixer
  • Additional AUX B effect loop
  • Full stereo sends and returns
  • CV inputs for controlling AUX B sends
  • Return attenuators for AUX A and AUX B
  • Gate control inputs for channel muting
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