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MidSide+ includes a powerful voltage controlled through-zero stereo width control circuit on the MS to LR decoder stage, allowing you to precisely manipulate the stereo image created with the Mid and Side processing loops. Instead of stopping at mono, MidSide+ allows you to pass through the zero point of stereo width and continue by reversing the image so left becomes right and vice versa, all the way to superwide stereo in both directions, a sound designer’s dream. A specially designed HPF allows the removal of low frequencies from the Side signal post-processing to ensure even extreme processing doesn’t disrupt low end phase coherence unless you want it to.

MidSide+ allows complex generation of stereo signals as well as more conventional
Mid/Side processing of your stereo mix. If you’re looking for a powerful tool to create wide stereo waveforms to feed your stereo filters then MidSide+ is for you, and it handles subtle mix enhancement too. Like all WORNG Electronics modules, MidSide+ is designed with ergonomics and playability in mind, and features generous spacing around the controls so it never feels cramped or hard to use.

  • Width: 8HP
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