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OSD, aka OR SUM DIF, is 3 independent blocks of useful utility in 4HP. 

OSD is centered around combining voltage in useful ways. Audio, V/Oct, and control voltage are at home in this utility. OSD offers a fully DC coupled signal path with precision components to make this happen.  High quality, configurability, and compact size ensure OSD will always find it's way into your patch.

  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Power: 50mA @+12V / 50mA @-12V 
  • Manual
  • Combine v/Oct sequences with precision summing, or enable the the precision OR circuit for completely different results.
  • Mix two envelopes or an envelope and lfo using sum to create large accented voltages or combine with OR to keep the output  in the original range.
  • Crossfade between audio or control voltage using the potentiometer in block one. Setting DIF will invert the signal at the B jack.

OR - Input voltages are compared and the higher of the two is passed to the output. 

For example if A = 4V and B = 8V, the output will be 8V.

SUM - Input voltages are added together to create the output voltage. 

For example if A= 3V and B=4V, the output will be 7V.  This clips at -10V and 10V.

DIF - Lower voltage source is subtracted from the higher voltage, producing an output of the difference between the two.

For example if A= 3V and B = 5V, the output will be 2V.

Controls / Configuration

Block 1 - Sum, OR, or Difference of two inputs and effect the mix of the A input to the B input with the Knob.  The third input ORs with the result of the A/B inputs.

Block 2 Sum, OR, or Difference two inputs with a fixed mix of 50%.  The third input ORs with the result of the A/B inputs.

Block 3 - 3 input OR.  Mix gates or CV from three sources for some wild results.


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