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When we talk about the sound signature of synths, filters are probably one of the first topics appearing. 

On Atlas, we dive into the sound of the 80s Japanese classics with four gain-cell-based multimode filters that keep the silky and creamy sound of those legendary machines along with some technical improvements like a better noise floor, an accurate resonance compensation, and a daisy-chain input implementation that makes some patching techniques like parallel filtering a lot easier.

The filter cores have been carefully designed and tweaked to be pristine without losing character. With three filter modes available per channel, 4p-LP, 2p-HP, and 4p-BP, Atlas can cover almost any filtering technique, from superb filter sweeps to multi-slope resonant patches.

Thanks to its precise resonance circuit, each core creates a clean sine wave when self-oscillating. Excite the inputs with fast trigger or gate signals, and you will get TR-like drum sounds, from deep kickdrums to nice toms and congas.

In addition, the module counts with a CV-controlled Interpolating Scanner circuit that morphs softly between each filter output, creating new shapes and timbres as it fades between the channels.

  • Width: 16HP
  • Power: 170mA @+12v  /  0mA @-12v
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Four analog multimode, gain-cell-based VCF circuits.
  • Three modes per channel: 4p-LP, 2p-HP, and 4p-BP.
  • Resonance compensation circuit.
  • Daisy-chained audio and Freq inputs.
  • Secondary CV input, selectable between Frequency or Resonance.
  • CV-controlled Interpolating Scanner circuit.
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