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 The world of Envelope generators is a vast field where cultivating a new specie is a challenge that gets harder every day.

We have lots of flavors to choose from: from classical ADSR to Serge-based Slope generators, through the newest digitally controlled multi-stage modules.

The concept behind Fuji is not to create a new flavor, but to offer a big amount of the most primary envelope circuit along with some design decisions to make it a useful, immediate, and always musical tool.

The slope of the envelopes is tuned with logarithmic Attack and exponential Decay. This configuration has been used for years as it follows the non-linearity of human hearing, keeping the dynamics changes always pleasant and natural to our ears.

The range of both the Attack and Decay stages is symmetric, getting a minimum and maximum rise/fall time of either 1.5ms to 1.5s. This range has been also tuned to be musical and precise in most applications.

Gate input chaining adds tons of flexibility to the patch. Groups of synced envelopes can be easily made with a few cables.

  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Power: 50mA @+12v  /  50mA @-12v
  • Manual
  • Six channels
  • Fully analog AD envelope generators
  • Selectable Hold and LFO mode per channel
  • Daisy-chained Gate inputs
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