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Teenage Engineering PO-20 Arcade

Teenage Engineering

Regular price CAD$137.00

Teenage Engineering's PO-20 Arcade is a programmable sequencer and synthesizer with an emphasis on crisp, glitchy, 8-bit sounds. Along with the other Pocket Operators in the series, this compact synth comes equipped with a line in and out; punch-in effects including bit-crush, delay, and stutter; and audio-pulse-based sync to keep your gear or other Pocket Operators in time. The PO-20 Arcade is just as accessible as the rest of Teenage Engineering PO releases, meaning composing a hook is a matter of seconds, yet a sequence could endlessly be tweak and perfected, making the PO-20 another great addition to the series.

  • rapid beat making and chiptune improvisation
  • synthesized arcade sounds
  • 128 chord chaining
  • 128 pattern chaining
  • 16 sounds
  • 16 punch-in effects
  • step multiplier


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