System80 810 MK2


Product image 1System80 810 MK2
Product image 2System80 810 MK2

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The MK2 Version of the 810 comes with several improvements behind the panel, but is cosmetically and functionally identical to the MK1. Like the 860 MK2, it has a steel back cover that fully encloses the electronics.

The System80 810 is a 30 HP Eurorack module consisting of a standard subtractive analog synthesizer voice: Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF), and Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA).  While not strictly a clone, the design of each sub-module is inspired by the golden age of Japanese analog, featuring elements of the System 700, System 100m,  and the Jupiter-8.  Add some modulation and an envelope generator to create a complete patchable analog voice with a distinctively vintage character.

  • Width: 30HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Power: 55mA @ +12V / 45mA @ -12V
  • Manual


  • Discrete Voltage Controlled Oscillator with temperature compensated exponential converter
  • 1 V/octave tracking over 8 octaves
  • Sync input with weak and strong oscillator sync modes
  • 1 V/octave CV input + two attenuated exponential CV inputs for pitch/frequency modulation
  • Five position octave range switch
  • Selectable waveform output: Pulse, Ramp, Triangle, or Sine
  • Pulse Width Modulation CV input


  • Cascaded OTA design inspired by classic Roland topologies with selectable 12 or 24 dB response
  • self-oscillating with 1 V/octave tracking (3-4 octaves, normalized to VCO KYBD CV input)
  • VCO output and sub-oscillator normalized to two log attenuated inputs
  • Two frequency CV inputs, one unipolar and one bipolar
  • Voltage controlled resonance


  • Traditional single OTA design
  • Three log attenuated audio inputs with IN 1 normalized to VCF output
  • Two CV inputs with selectable exponential or linear response

Open Source

810 is open source hardware. The design files are available on Github


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