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Hermod+ adds so much to your system

Based on the established Hermod workflow and keeping the same form factor, Hermod+ offers a lot of new features, and a refined, more playful interface with extended connectivity.

Record CV/Gate, MIDI notes and modulations on 16 polyphonic tracks. Compose melodic variations across 16 patterns per track, and take advantage of the advanced step sequencer and the new effects to gain efficiency and creativity in studio and on stage.
  • Width: 26HP
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Power: 20mA @+12V / 20mA @-12V  (using +5V rail) +5V 820mA (add up to +500mA when attaching a controller on USB host)
  • Power: 400mA @+12V / 20mA @-12V (not using +5V rail) (add up to +220mA when attaching a controller on USB host
  • Manual
  • Hermod+ offers 8 CV/Gate tracks (that can also output midi) and adds 8 dedicated MIDI tracks for your extra gear.
  • Record, edit and loop analog modulations or CV/Gate using the 4 CV inputs, and use them to synchronize Hermod+ to an incoming analog clock.
  • With an improved resolution of 96ppqn, record and playback your CV/Gate or MIDI performance seamlessly without any noticeable note shifting, for up to 16 bars per pattern.
  • The revisited piano–roll now allows intuitive polyphonic editing. Edit or program chords, melodies and rhythms using the 16 built–in pads for a quick and playful composition process.
  • Program or record automated modulations (CV and/or MIDI) for each track, in addition to midi aftertouch, pitchbend and sustain voices.
  • Add up to 8 real–time CV/MIDI effects per track. All effects are non–destructive, so they can be edited at any given time to add some variations to a performance.
  • Use the modulation matrix to link incoming CV or CC messages to effect parameters. Each modulations can be attenuverted and offsetted.
  • Build your song structures using up to 16 sequences per project. Play them into a predefined order or launch them manually for improvised performances.
  • Quickly save and recall your projects on the SD card. Project loading can now be done in sync, without interrupting your performance.

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