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Product image 1SOMA Laboratory Metaconformer
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METACONFORMER is a smart MIDI router and thru box.

The METACONFORMER has 2 independent MIDI inputs and 4 MIDI outputs. One of the outputs can be configured as a sync signal source.


Today METACONFORMER supports 3 modes of processing MIDI messages:

  • Splitter mode allows you to split the keyboard of one MIDI channel into several zones. Notes from each zone are sent to only one instrument. This allows you to simultaneously play several instruments at once, listen to the interaction of timbres without having to switch the MIDI channel.
  • Combiner mode allows you to combine several monophonic instruments into one multitimbral polyphonic instrument. This works the same way as a polyphonic synthesizer’s algorithm when it activates its voices. Only instead of voices with the same dynamics and parameters, you can play completely different timbres, which greatly expands the possibilities for creating interesting harmonies and rhythms.
  • Translator mode allows you to play the sound core parameter by pressing notes. Each received note is translated into a CC message corresponding to the desired parameter. This mode allows you to play with sound parameters, rather than simply enter them by rotating the knob. This mode works great with granular delays, resonant filters and paraphonic oscillators.

Other operating modes will be announced in the future.


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