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ETHER is a kind of anti-radio. Instead of being tuned to a specific radio station, it receives all the interference and radiation that a traditional radio tries to eliminate in order to create a clean signal. It captures the radio waves “as is” from hertz to gigahertz because it doesn’t contain the tuned input circuit that filters out all frequencies except the narrow band of a specific station. This allows ETHER to perceive the invisible electromagnetic landscape that humans created unintentionally, making possible live electromagnetic field listening and recording.

Here you can download the ETHER SONG placed at the end of the demo video. The archive contains the track in lossless and multitrack + used ETHER samples as well. All of them are copyright free, so you can use them for any purposes including commercial use. All we ask is that you credit ETHER from SOMA laboratory.

We hope that a new kind of field recording will arise with the release of ETHER. We want people to experience and enjoy the artificial urban environment in a new way. There is lots of sonic beauty to discover amid the concrete and steel greyness of the modern-day metropolis, a true invisible electromagnetic world for us to uncover. Take your friends and together go find the coolest disembodied electronic sounds of the urban and industrial landscapes around you!


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