Serge Paperface 50 System (Helios/TKB)

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Product image 1Serge Paperface 50 System (Helios/TKB)
Product image 2Serge Paperface 50 System (Helios/TKB)

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The legendary Serge Paperface series is back and available for the 50th anniversary as "Paperface 50" reissue based on the original circuits. This system compiles the Helios and the Tempo Di Roma Panel plus accessoires. 

When Serge Tcherepnin, Rich Gold and Randy Cohen developed the first Serge Modular systems at the California Institute Of Arts in the early seventies and sold the "Tcherepnins" out of its garage, it was like the famous "jump into cold water" for the three developers. 50 years later, the legendary Paperface series from 72/73 returns with the original circuits. Serge Tcherepnin himself added and refined the VCOs to keep up with the times, including temperature-compensated 1/V octave inputs, PWM, a new metronomic clock and balanced outputs.

The Serge Paperface 50 system consists of two panels. Panel 1 is the Tempo di Roma sequencer, whose unique combination of sequencing, programming, switch and logic modules helps the sound generation to reach a new level of sound worlds. In addition to the classic gate sequencer, there are now two 4-Step programmers (also sequencers) that can be operated independently and within Hold, Reset and Up/Down modes. The new metronomic clock shows itself to be a precise and temperature-stable analog tempo source that fills each of these sequencers with life. In addition, these (or even audio signals) can be linked together via three bi-directional switches for lively and complex interaction. The bottom switch represents something special: Designed as a "flip-flop", it is activated by the first trigger and stays on until another trigger turns it off. Next to it there is an additional "flop output", as well as a "peak & trough" section. For logical signals Peak (Max function) reacts like a boolean "Or", while Trough (Min function) reacts like a boolean "And". However, the Peak & Trough section is also open to audio and CV signals.

Panel 2 of the system is the powerful Serge Helios panel. It delivers the brute-powerful, sometimes boisterous Serge sound in fresh perfection and offers an exciting basis for experimental sound adventures. The Serge redesign of the two VCOs from 1973 offers temperature compensation as well as exceptional tracking over six(+) octaves. The Oscillator+ also features a pulse output with pulse width modulation.

Both panels are manufactured in a supe- slim boat with noble wooden side panel finish and are delivered pre-calibrated. Power is supplied via the Mobile PSU power supply including Meanwell AC/DC adapter (please do not use any other adapter!) and XLR-4 cable (all included).

  • Reissue of the legendary Serge Paperface system consisting of Serge TKB-Sequencer (Panel 1) and Serge Helios-Voice (Panel 2).
  • Panel 1: TKB keyboard sequencer with touch-sensitive keyboard, four knobs per stage, 30 patch points, glide function, buffered gate outputs, vertical stage indicator LEDs, vertical reset, precision KEY V output calibrated to semitones, key priority (optional), maximum sensitivity/smooth pressure output
  • Panel 2: Serge Oscillator, Serge Oscillator+, Serge Smooth & Stepped Generator (SSG), Serge Dual CV-Pro, Serge Triple Waveshaper (TWS), Serge 1973 VCF (with balanced output)
  • Including mobile power supply (PSM) with 1000ma per rail, Mean Well adapter and power cable (XLR-4)

Please Note:

This is a 4U banana jack synthesizer - not eurorack. Banana cables are not included. 



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