Sensel Morph


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The Sensel Morph is the world's most expressive, portable & versatile controller. With hot-swappable overlays, you can make music🎹🥁🎛️, edit video🎞️, type⌨, game🎮, and even design your own a custom interfaces with our drag-and-drop tool! 

The Morph also has Bluetooth and comes in at about 1/4 inch thick, so throw it in a bag and take it with you wherever you go.

Experience a new level of expression with 19,425 pressure sensors at your fingertips. Whatever your creative passion, you can do it with the Morph. 

  • The Morph is a Composite USB Device, so it always acts as a MIDI, Keyboard, Gamepad, Digitizer, Mouse and Serial Communication device, so it can send events to the appropriate output based on the overlay layout and mapping.
  • Hot-swappable overlays: overlays are automatically recognized by the Morph, so you can easily swap them on the fly
  • Versatile connectivity: Bluetooth LE, USB, Serial (enabled with Developer's Cable)
  • On-the-go power: micro-USB rechargeable lithium ion polymer battery, rated for about 4 hours of continual use
  • Infinitely customizable: you can assign functionality and settings for all the areas of your overlays. Want more customization? The Overlay Designer tool allows you to easily create a custom layout with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Precise tracking: 19,425 (185 x 105) individual pressure sensor elements (aka “sensels”) at a 1.25mm pitch, that can interpolate to provide even more precise tracking 
  • Highly sensitive: each sensor can distinguish 30,000 distinct levels of pressure, ranging from 5g to 5kg
  • Extremely fast: full resolution mode of 125 Hz (8ms latency), with a high speed mode of 500 Hz (2 ms latency) used on the Drum Pad Overlay
  • Go deep: our API allows you to get the raw pressure and location data, force image, and contacts
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