RYK Modular Night Rider

RYK Modular

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Introducing NIGHT RIDER, from RYK Modular.

Four multi model filters with stereo capability, combined with a six-stage four-channel
modulation sequencer. 
Finally a filter bank that unifies the control of multiple parameters, enabling a spaghetti-free approach to formant animation fun.

NIGHT RIDER cleverly turns the dials to where you want them, when you want, via it's unique four channel modulation sequencer.

Create dreamy swooshing 70’s phaser filter sweeps. 
Phenomenal for phoneme vocal formant rasps and wheezes. Plucking great for strumming Karplus Strong twangs, and pinging filter pings! Or, turn your silk into shredded cabbage, with the built in bad-ass clipping-saturator.

  • Width: 16HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: 52mA@ +12V / 9mA @ -12V
  • Four filter blocks, with multiple models , including:
  • 6db BPF [ pingable ]
  • 12db BPF [ pingable ]
  • 12db variable width BPF
  • Comb Filter for Karplus Strom [ pluckable & flanger vibes ]
  • All Pass filter [ crazy Phaser vibes ]
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