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Amnis is a shift register with a few tricks up its sleeves. It can be used as a generative sequencer for gates and CV, as a tunable digital noise source, as a random gate and CV generator, as the center of a chaotic system and more.

It needs two input signals to start doing its thing. A Clock and some Data. Data can be pretty much any signals. Both inputs are comparator-based. From these two signals Amnis will generate 8 gate outputs, always on the clock. From these gate outputs, it will generate 3 staircase CVs and a slewed CV. With 8 gates and 4 CV outputs it can be the heart of any patch.

Amnis has an XOR input for linear feedback. A shift register with linear feedback is the core of the Rungler, the chaotic core in Rob Hordijk’s Benjolin and Blippoo Box. With Amnis you can recreate these type of behaviors with any oscillators you have on hands. As it is fully patchable, you can use the XOR for way more. Amnis is compatible with the Turing Machine expanders thanks to its expansion port at the back.

  • Width: 6HP
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Power: 85mA @+12V / 10mA @-12V
  • Manual
  • Generative Shift Register
  • 12 outputs: 8 gate outputs, and 4 CV outputs
  • Comparator-based inputs
  • XOR input for linear feedback
  • Compatible with Turing Machine expanders

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