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Product image 1Prism Circuits SPORE Expander Card
Product image 2Prism Circuits SPORE Expander Card
Product image 3Prism Circuits SPORE Expander Card

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The SPORE is a Buchla Easel expansion card that extends the functionality of the Easel itself. 

At its core it is an attack decay envelope that can self-cycle and be pulsed from an external source. This Envelope features full CV control over the Duration of the envelope - positive and negative, a HOLD function that will freeze the envelope at its current level, a WINDOW comparator with CV control over the width of the comparison, and EOC (end of cycle) pulse output and a pulse input to cycle the envelope at its currents slider positions. Also features an onboard cycle switch to be used as an LFO. LFO can go into audio rates. 

      This module also features a fully analog audio Noise Source, including White, Pink & Grain Noise. The Noise Source section also adds the noise sources as CV outputs to control other parameters of the Easel. The AUX Noise can be selected from 1 of the 3 onboard noise waves with the corresponding switch. Audio output can also be selected independently from the CV noise.  

      • Power: 105mA @+15v / 10mA @-15v
      • Manual

      Last but not least! The SPORE also features a secondary Random Voltage source that is independent from the Easel's internal source. 

      The back of the unit features 8 color morphing LED's that adds a nice touch when performing in a low light environment. 

      • M-OSC SHAPE - CV Input - Modulation Oscillator wave select
      • M-OSC  MOD - CV Input - Modulation Destination switch
      • C-OSC WAVE - CV Input - Complex Oscillator Timbre select
      • C-OSC SHAPE - CV Input - CV over Complex Oscillator Wave knob
      • DECAY CV - CV Input - CV control over internal Envelope Generator Decay
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