Olivella Modular Gravedad

Olivella Modular

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GRAVEDAD (/grah-veh-dahd/, gravity) is a feature-packed, analog semi complex oscillator with through-zero FM, a F-A-T stereo subharmonic generator, a voltage controllable octave slider and excellent tracking up to 10 octaves. 

  • Width: 12HP 
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Power: 110mA @+12v  / 110mA @-12v 
  • Super stable triangle core in both tracking and temperature compensation with sine, sawtooth and square output WAVES 
  • Voltage controllable octave slider ranging 5 octaves with a bicolor LED for easier visual reference - great for ratio-based FM patching 
  • MASS suboscillator / subharmonic generator that can either track the main VCO or self-oscillate, with its stereo outputs' panning and waveshaping handled by FORCE and its CV input 
  • The LIN FM input is normalled to MASS and switchable between DC-coupled TZFM, AC-coupled TZFM and traditional linear FM 
  • "Complex-oscillator" style FM INDEX with dedicated knob and INDEX CV input with attenuverter 
  • The hard SYNC input can be triggered by a rising edge or anything over +2V, even audio
  • Patching into M TRIG breaks all MASS' internal connections to both the main VCO and to its own self-oscillating feedback loop, allowing it to be triggered externally: it can act as a VC clock divider, an attack-only envelope generator, a sub for an external oscillator (or any signal) and more.

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