Norand Mono MK2


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Mono was always meant to be the ultimate monophonic synthesiser. After 3 years of existence and hundreds of exchanges with our vibrant community of users, it felt logical to work on a new hardware version, capable of handling the many new features we have in mind.

Analog overdrive and refined analog path

MK2 implement 4 years of internal update over our appraised discrete analog path, with the addition of a custom soft overdrive circuit at the output, multiplying mono’s sonic abilities.

Expressive 3D Keyboard

MK2 introduces 3D sensors for the mini-keyboard, allowing for expressive controls over each notes. Velocity, aftertouch, pitch bend, and vertical modulation are possible directly on the keyboard.

Continuous sequencer strip

3D sensors are also used for the sequencer and page keys, which allow for dozens of new musical features, like live play-head, multi-pattern morphing, and precise control over the patterns.

MK2 uses a 1024 PPQN sequencer system, which allow automations to be recorded at a very-high definition with the knobs and keys. The 3D sequencer strip allow for precise creation and edition of these automation using curve mode.

Full machined alluminum body

Your voice has been heard! MK2 was redesigned with a full machined aluminium body. A lot of attention was given to every details.

Tons of interface improvement

A full row of button has been added to reflect the improvement made on the software over the years. All the LEDs are now RGB, with smart color coding for a clearer interface..


Synth Voice Features

  • Fully analog signal path
  • 2x analog oscillators
  • Continuously variable waveform
  • Thru-zero frequency modulation
  • Hard-sync Filter overdrive
  • 1x 3-pole multi-mode filter
  • Continuously variable filter color
  • 1x Main ADSR envelope
  • Soft overdrive

Modulation Features

  • 13x dedicated AD envelopes 20x dedicated modulator
  • 5 waveforms Type settings : Free/Synced/Audio-Rate Audio-Rate anti-aliased, quantized to OSC1 Free from 0.1 to 80 seconds
  • Attack-Decay segment from 10us to 20s


  • Up to 64 step per pattern
  • 1024PPQN automations
  • Individual length/scale/beat-division per pattern
  • Individual microshift/ratchet/probability per step
  • Swing/Slide/Accent
  • Copy/paste anything
  • Undo/Redo anything
  • Mod Note mode
  • Fast, clock independent project Load/Save


  • Quantized note randomizer
  • Ranged parameter automation randomizer
  • Step randomizer
  • Mod note randomizer
  • Microshift/Probability/Ratchet randomizer


  • Unlimited projects in SD card
  • 64 patterns with patch memory per projects
  • Unlimited parameter automation per pattern
  • 40 mod note per projects


  • 23x transilluminated RGB potentiometer
  • 24x illuminated silent mechanical switch
  • 23x 808-style switch
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • 1x 1/4” balanced main audio out jack
  • 2x 1/8” eurorack Clock/Reset input
  • Flash-EEPROM upgradable OS
  • MIDI Device USB-C port
  • MIDI Host USB-C port


  • Stereo audio outputs
  • Output level: +15dBu maximum Output impedance: 200 Ohm Headphone up to 80 Ohm

Electrical Specification

  • Unit consumption: 7W typical
  • Low power mode for USB supply
  • High-quality power supply included
  • Recommanded power supply: 5V DC, 2A

Physical Specifications

  • Machined aluminum front panel
  • Machined aluminum back panel
  • Dimmensions: W350xD150xH35
  • Weight: approx. 1.6kg


  • 2-year Norand warranty 

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