Noise Engineering Yester Versio - Silver [PRE-ORDER]

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Yester Versio is a three-tap delay for Noise Engineering’s Versio platform. Yester is designed to be a straightforward delay that is easy to control and even easier to fall in love with.

In addition to the standard controls over panning, delay feedback, and delay time, Yester Versio has a variety of unique features and controls. The Time control interacts with the Even/Triplet/Dotted switch for flexible delay syncing. These also work with the Tap input (both a button and a jack input), making it easy to sync Yester to the rest of your patch and create interesting rhythmic delays.

Yester Versio also features a DJ-style filter to shape your delay with highpass or lowpass filters. Add flavor with Chorus, a bipolar control that adds a bit of clean pitch shifting or LFO-modulated chorus effects. The Fold control offers gentle saturation at the bottom, progressing to a bit of wavefolding grit, and at the top of the knob, adds in chaotic suboctaves for a bit of doom.

And of course, because it is a Versio, almost all of these controls are cv-able.

Yester - from Old English: “Of former, earlier, or previous times”

Versio - from Latin: “versatile”

“A variety of times”

  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 46mm
  • Power: 70ma @+12v  / 70ma @-12v
  • Manual
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