Noise Engineering Sinc Legio - Black

Noise Engineering

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Sinc Legio seems simple — and if you need some basic waveforms, Sinc has you covered — but Noise Engineering adds some zest and multiple modes and puts it on the Legio platform for a fun and powerful stereo oscillator in 6HP.

Dial in pure waveforms or spice it up with phase modulation, wavefolding, and hard sync. Or pair Sinc Legio with another oscillator and use its hard-sync and stereo PM inputs. A vintage-inspired chorus rounds out the timbral possibilities.

Sinc Legio features three modes that vary the synthesis algorithm with the flip of a switch. Warp is great for bright and heavily modulated sounds. Op is made for gorgeous phase modulation and FM-style plucks. Fold capitalizes on Noise Engineering’s famous love for wave shaping and folding.

Sinc Legio is one of many firmwares available for the Legio platform. Legio owners can use the included USB cable to connect to the Customer Portal and swap the firmware to any other Legio firmware, completely free, at any time.

  • Width: 6HP
  • Depth: 38mm
    Power: 150mA @+12v / 22mA @-12v
  • Manual
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