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Nijel is a 4 HP distortion module that lets you change its character by plugging in components like diodes, capacitors or resistors directly to the front panel. Assembled modules and DIY kits come with a set of small components for experimentation. A set of preset cartridges is also available, which gives you instant access to a variety of sounds. The preset cards are also compatible with the Neutral Labs Scrat customisable multimode filter.

Nijel is available as an assembled module or full DIY kit from retailers. The set of 4 preset cards called Nuts (Acorn, Almond, Cashew and Pecan) is recommended, but not necessary to operate the module and so it is is sold separately. When ordering from an online store, make sure to add it to your order if needed.

  • Width: 4HP 
  • Power: 12mA @ +12V / 12mA @ -12V
  • Manual

NIJEL is a diode distortion module that has drive control via a knob and/or incoming control voltage (CV). The user can optionally modify the distortion character by plugging passive electronic components like diodes, capacitors or resistors into either or both of two rows of ports on the front panel, or special pre-made cards that contain small circuits made up of such components. NIJEL comes with a small set of suitable passive components for experimentation: a photoresistor, diode, LED and capacitor.

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