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Random CV generator with 4 types of randomness and a triggerable sample-and-hold function. It also comes with a spicy new feature: self-modulation. This adds another layer of randomness, enabling more dynamic and unpredictable outcomes.

Sliders allow you to set the internal clock tempo (RATE), shape the probability of triggering (PROB), blend old with new values (RND) and set the shape of all four random outputs (SHAPE).

  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Power: 63mA @ +12V / 11mA @ -12V


Sets the tempo of the internal clock. The CV input below the slider adjusts the clock rate, with 1V/oct calibration when the CV attenuverter is 100%. Upon each clock trigger, the RATE slider light blinks, and there is a chance for the internal random source to generate a new value. 


This probability is set by the PROB slider, and if a new value was generated, the PROB slider light blinks and a pulse is emitted from the TRIG output.


When the internal random source generates a new value, it mixes the previous value with a random value, with an amount specified by the RND slider.


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