Modbap Per4mer Mini-System [Special Order] [PRE-ORDER]

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Bundle and save big on the modules included in the Modbap Per4mer Mini-System.

We've bundled together 3 of our favorite products to create an incredibly fun tabletop performance fx system.  Experience the engagement of performance multi-effects neatly packed into a self-contained 20HP case (Modbap Pod20) featuring Per4mer with its transformative lo-fi futuristic effects and Transit's all analog signal routing complete with dual stereo inputs, ducking, mutes, and headphones jack.

The Modbap Mini-System FX bundle is perfect for the beat-maker, DJ, synthesist and/or musician that is modular-curious but not quite ready to take the deep dive. This setup will live comfortably alongside your groove-box, sampler, drum machine, DJ rig, synthesizer, etc. allowing you to engage with your music in new fun ways. 

Easy integration into your beat-making setup right out of the box. Just plug in the included power adapter, route your groove-box to the inputs, outputs to your audio interface, and BOOM! Press buttons and tweak knobs.

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