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Modbap Modular

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Osiris is a powerful and neatly packed 12hp bi-fidelity ™ wavetable oscillator with 6+ timbre modes including various waveshaping and phase modulation, an independent sub-oscillator, LoFi processing, extensive cv modulation capabilities, a pitch quantizer, 4 banks of 32×32 wavetables each, the ability to load user wavetables via micro sd card (not included) and it’s own free open-source wavetable editor (OsirisEdit).

Osiris is designed to be used as a powerful bi-fidelity ™ wavetable oscillator with an added sub-oscillator. The sub-oscillator has its own v/oct, mix knob, and mono output. If the sub-oscillator output is not patched, the sub-oscillator output is normalized to the mix out. Essentially, the sub-oscillator can act as its own independent oscillator allowing Osiris to be utilized as two separate oscillators.

Osiris was developed in collaboration with Ess Mattisson of Fors.

  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Power 50mA @ +12V / 50mA @ -12V (64mA Peak on Power Up)
  • Manual
  • User wavetables via Micro SD Card (card sold separately – not included)
  • Built on the daisy platform for easy updates, speed, and stability.
  • CV control over all major parameters
  • Sync button (resets the wave on the trigger)
  • Decay parameter
  • Pitch quantizer
  • VCA with trig input
  • Sub Oscillator
  • OsirisEdit ( Osiris edit runs on Mac and Linux (minimum requirement MacOS Catalina version 10.15 and above).More on Osirisedit here.)


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