Malekko Malekko Power 1.3 [PRE-ORDER]

Malekko Heavy Industry

Product image 1Malekko Power 1.3 (Front)
Product image 2Malekko Power 1.3 (Back)

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This item is a pre-order and is not in stock. Pre-order availability and ETA is based on details provided by the manufacturer and are subject to change without notice.

Malekko Power for EuroRack has finally arrived! Utilizing a unique power architecture with switching power supplies cascaded to two pairs of linear regulators, it is designed for low noise and stability. With separate regulator pairs per output section, noisier modules can be isolated from the rest of your rig. 

  • Dimensions: 310mm x 85mm
  • Power:  +/-12V @ 2.2A
  • Manual
  • Almost no heat generated at all, even at full load.
  • +/-12V @ 1.6A increased to +/-12V @ 2.2A at least
  • + /-12V @ +/-5% tolerance improved to +/-1% tolerance
  • Loop Mode
  • I ncreased low noise and increased transient response performance (good for video!)
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