Making Sound Machines Farb Highpass

Making Sound Machines

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Farb Highpass is an analog transistor ladder highpass filter for Eurorack. It features a Tilt EQ as a frequency bias stage, as well as CV controlled cutoff and resonance.

Farb Highpass features a distinct circuit from the classic lowpass ladder. Making Sound Machines tweaked the circuit and added CV-able resonance to the feedback path.

This module crosses the sonic richness of the classic East Coast highpass ladder filter with added fine control from its weighted input stage.

It is part of Making Sound Machines' Farbfilter (colour filter) range of sound colouring modules, offering a wide sonic palette from lending glowing warmth to electric sizzle in 4HP.

  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 33mm
  • Power: 85mA @ +12V / 50mA @ -12V
  • Manual

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