Look Mum No Computer #1114 Filter Grr Filter/VCA module

Look Mum No Computer

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The #1114 Filter Grr is the Eurorack version of the unique Look Mum No Computer funky filter with built in VCA.

So this is a right weirdo! Coming from a want for a smaller filter for some voices, this, an oscillator and an envelope generator can be put together to be a small synth voice with distortion and uniquely strange characteristics.

The filter has different behavior depending on where the oscillator is in the offset. It’s well suited for unipolar waveforms (all in + territory as in the #1222 Performance VCO) but still works great with bipolar ones.

Starting from the LM13700 data sheet lowpass filter, the circuit has been pushed, tweaked and expanded to produce some very funky sounds indeed. It’s full of character and you can even get it to step and stuff. It’s proper odd.

Its a funky filter that sounds completely different depending on wether you put unipolar or bipolar waveforms into it (you can bounce between with the Shelf switch to increase its characteristics)

  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 25 mm (inc. power connector)
  • Power: 21mA (+12V), 11mA (-12V)
    • Voltage control over resonance
    • Attenuverter on frequency input
    • Built in VCA on the output
    • Clipping circuit that isn't Diode Clipping... It literally works by just turning everything up too much
    • Shelf switch offsets the waveform to make it clip asymmetrically more easily, but also makes the resonance go wild.

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