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WoFI is a portable Sampler keyboard that connects to the internet via WiFi, and features an innovative effect module called Texturer that combines elements of shimmer and granular synthesis to create unique and fascinating sounds. Its compact size and intuitive interface make it an ideal tool for musicians and producers who are always on the move. In addition, WoFI comes with a rechargeable battery, allowing you to create music anywhere you go without worrying about power. You can also share your patches and access sound banks from other sound designers through the community platform. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, WoFI offers endless possibilities for exploring new sonic territories and creating unique sounds.

  • record samples effortlessly with the internal microphone or the stereo input
  • play any recorded sample chromatically with 10-voice polyphony
  • transform the sample with the different emulated sample players and the rich synthesizer interface with: an envelope, a low-pass filter, an LFO, etc...
  • bring sparkles to your sound with Texturer
  • sequence notes and parameters and play along with it
  • use it on the go with its internal battery, microphone, and speaker 
  • ... or in your studio with other machines, thanks to its I/O for midi, cv/gate, audio, and analog sync. All the signal flows go two ways : inward and outward; you can configure it however you want.
  • get fresh samples and patches from or share yours effortlessly directly from your WoFi thanks to its internal wifi chipset
  • sleek interface without menu diving to foster the creativity flow

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