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Intellijel DIXIE 2+


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The beating heart(s) of your rack, the analog oscillator. If the Dixie2's six waveform outputs don't offer enough shapes for you, the PWM, sync, and FM inputs have you covered. Unique to the Dixie2+ is PWM control, exponential FM, and an Octave switch for quick and precise musical tuning. Great in pairs, two hearts are better than one.

  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Power: 70mA @+12v / 60mA @-12v
  • 8-position octave switch for quick setting of coarse tuning.
  • Fine tuning knob that converts into a coarse knob when in LFO mode.
  • Dual FM inputs, with FM1 attenuator and switch to select between exponential and linear mode.
  • Pulse width control with attenuator.
  • Reset to 0 V hard sync input, ideal for percussive sounds or modulation.
  • Flip sync circuit similar to but improved from the Dixie II.
  • 6 waveform outputs: sine, triangle, zigzag, saw, pulse and suboctave.
  • User Manual

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