Intellijel Audio I/O (2023 edition)


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Audio I/O (2023 edition) allows you to effectively interface your Eurorack modular system to the pro audio, balanced line-level world (+4 dBu).  You can send and return to rack mount/desktop fx units, patch to external line-level instruments like synths and drum machines, interface to a DAW and much more.

The rear-mounted 3-pin CHAIN IN connector allows you to sum (in parallel to the panel jacks) other audio sources to go from Eurorack level to the BAL LINE OUTPUTS. This could be from modules like the Mixup 3U, Xfade 1U, Stereo Mix 1U, and XY I/O 1U. You could also use this to connect with the 3-pin headers on the Palette and 7U cases audio i/o boards.

The rear-mounted 3-pin CHAIN OUT connector allows you to directly connect the level-shifted BAL LINE IN to the inputs of other compatible devices such as theMixup 3U, Outs 3U, Stereo Mix 1U, XY I/O 1U, and Headphones v2 1U. You could also connect the to the TRS jacks of the Palette and 7U cases audio i/o boards.

  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 39mm
  • Power: 75mA @ +12V /  70mA @ -12
  • Manual
  • 2 x Balanced TRS 1/4″ to Eurorack modular level input paths
  • 2 x Eurorack modular level signals to Balanced TRS 1/4″ output paths
  • 4 x six stage analog led VU meter to monitor all inputs and outputs simultaneously
  • Input path has up to +20dB of gain, which allows you to patch in low-level consumer-level signals and boost them.
  • The output path allows a nominal Eurorack signal (10 Vpp) to be adjusted for a balanced +4dBU line level output level
  • 3pin CHAIN IN connector for other modules/case connectors
  • 3-pin CHAIN OUT connector for other modules/case connectors
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