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Nothing quite beats the comforting sound of multiple rich sawtooths softened by a warm, squishy filter. tràigh is a classic transistor ladder low pass filter with a -24dB/octave slope (4 pole). Derived from classic East coast designs, tràigh is suited for creating fat, warm subtractive voices. With its built in three channel mixer, its optimised design allows for summing multiple audio signals and softening them into a warm, comforting cushion of sound.

Tràigh traːj | noun (coastal tide) the rising and falling of the sea due to the attraction of the moon, to ebb, recede, settle, empty

  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 27mm
  • Power: 40mA@ +12V / 20mA @ -12V
  • The Tràigh is based on classic discrete circuit designs pioneered by Moog in the 1970’s. The only op-amps used are at the mixer summing stage and for buffering the output signal. Everything else is transistors and fuzzy caps.
  • Input signals will hit approximate unity level when channel faders are at the midway point. Increasing them will add gain in a soft wave-shaped manner.
  • With resonance maxed out, the tràigh will self oscillate with a stable sine wave.
  • With rich input signals, the resonance will tighten up the cut-off slope and accentuate overtones from a soft squelch to full blown formant madness when a touch of FM is introduced.
  • Manual 
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