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Herbs and Stones

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Solid Felt is a stereo multimode analog filter in desktop format.

Its name comes from the etymology of the words “stereo” and “filter”.
From subtle timbral variation to an all-encompassing sonic treatment, Solid Felt can be used in multiple ways to embellish or vandalize your sound bouquet:

  • As two independent mono filters
  • to give a stereo treatment to a mono signal
  • to filter a stereo signal at the same cutoff frequency on the L and R channels
  • As a mono 24dB/oct filter (placing the two filters in series)
  • To synthesize sounds, via external feedback patching
  • To extrapolate a CV signal from your audio input and use it to control any of its parameter or external gear
  • As a stereo overdrive effect
  • To bring line level signals to eurorack level
  • 2x Analog multimode analog filters
  • 2x 1/4″ jack high impedance inputs
  • 2x 1/4″ jack low impedance outputs
  • 8x 1/8″ jack eurorack compatible CV inputs
  • 8x 1/8″ jack eurorack compatible CV outputs
  • Input gain control to amplify incoming signals up to fuzzy territory
  • mode control to select between lowpass, bandpass and highpass filter response (CV controllable)
  • an envelope follower (normalled to input A) which is fed into a three stage clock divider
  • a voltage controlled LFO with waveform blend control and two outputs 180° out of phase
  • a voltage controlled LFO with rising and falling sawtooth outputs

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