Herbs and Stones Legs

Herbs and Stones

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Legs is a percussion module that's design heritage from the low-end voices of the Gentle Wham drum synthesizer but with features added to expand its sonic palette. Capable of generating gabber kicks, soft electronic toms, bass squelches and much, much more! Check the Soundcloud playlist out for examples here.

  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 22mm
  • Each parameter has its own dedicated CV input, when a control signal is patched into any of the inputs its corresponding knob will act as a CV attenuator.
  • Two independent gate/trigger input with level control can be used to create accents, pattern changes and generally work on track dynamic.
    Each of those inputs has its own trigger conditioner circuit so it can accept different types of signals, not necessarily rectangular waves or short triggers (its threshold is set at +2.5V).
  • The CV inputs expect voltages in the 0-5V range (a negative voltage won't damage the unit and won't affect the sound).
  • From rumbling low end basses to distorted warehouse window-breakers, Legs can synthesize it all.

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