Fairfield Circuitry Hors d'Oeuvre? [PRE-ORDER]

Fairfield Circuitry

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As you wait for the next tray of free food on platters held by white gloves, notice the contrasts that emerge from the hunger and tensions within the space. Will we remember what it takes to keep us here?

Indeed, causality breaks down when feedback loops are involved. The effect nestled within the cause, without cause, and so on. There is no beginning or end, at least objectively. And so, who eats the last hors d'œuvre, when time is space and silence is noise

The Hors d'Oeuvre? Active Feedback Loop then serves different opportunities to create and listen to: bipolar feedback of any combination of sound processing devices, and signal difference of input and return signals.

It is intentionally an introduction.

    • Expand the possibilities already offered by your various effect pedals.
    • Create positive and negative feedback loops
    • Mix your dry signal with any effected chain
    • Remove fundamental signal
    • Invert the phase of your wet signal chain
    • Mix two signals into 2 distinct outputs
    • Split a signal to 2 outputs

    Control options: Dry, Wet, Feed


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