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Daisy is an embedded platform for music. It features everything you need for creating high fidelity audio hardware devices. Just plug in a USB cable and start making sound! Programming the Daisy is a breeze with support for a number of languages including C++, Arduino, and Max/MSP Gen~. To get started, simply upload an example program over USB, and start tweaking!

Documentation, and examples are hosted on our GitHub for easy download. All firmware that we develop is released for free under a permissive open source license.

  • Stereo audio IO - 96kHz / 24-bit audio hardware (AC-Coupled)
  • Programmable in: C++, Arduino, Max/MSP gen~, Pure Data
  • x31 GPIO, x12 ADC inputs (16-bit), x2 DAC outputs (12-bit, DC-Coupled)
  • ARM Cortex-M7 MCU, running at 480MHz
  • 64MB of SDRAM for up to 10 minute long audio buffers, 8MB external flash
  • SD card interface, PWM outputs, and various serial protocols for external devices (SPI, UART, SAI/I2S, I2C)
  • Dedicated VIN pin for external power

Technical Documents


Pinout: PDF - CSV

3D Model

libDaisy Reference Documentation

DaisySP Reference Documentation


Getting Started

Getting Started Wiki Page

Setting Up Your Development Environment

Creating Your First Project

Example Programs - Read Source // Flash Binaries


Hardware Design

EAGLE Device

Example Reference Designs

ERB - Programmatically Generate Eurorack Modules

PedalPCB - Terrarium Compact Pedal Interface

Segger J-Link Debugger - Wiki



Daisy Forum

Daisy Slack Workspace


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