E-RM Multiclock USB Sync Interface


Product image 1E-RM Multiclock Canada
Product image 2E-RM Multiclock USB Sync Interface
Product image 3E-RM Multiclock USB Sync Interface

Regular price CAD$825.00

* This unit comes with a 100V-240V adapter with an EU style power plug. But We will include a North American style plug adapter free of charge*

The E-RM Multiclock is a multifarious sync solution and interface designed as a one-stop-shop for the synchronization of compatible audio devices. The unit converts many kinds of clock signals into others, drives a Sync plugin via DAW, and is capable of acting as a master clock source. 

The Multiclock consists of four independent channels, each with real time shift and swing parameters. There’s also per-channel Hot-Plug&Play support for MIDI, modular clock, analog LFO, and DIN. 

Additionally, any unused channel can be utilized as a MIDI controller. Timing information is sent to the unit from an audio track of the DAW, a process aided by an included plugin. Incoming audio signals are first converted into clock signals then routed to the Multiclock’s four outputs. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The Multiclock can be synchronized with incoming MIDI clock, DIN Sync, or analog clock signals from a modular synthesizer system. An added USB connection means that users can send MIDI messages from a DAW while simultaneously synchronizing with an audio clock.

  • Multi-Format Audio Device Sync Solution and Interface
  • 1 USB Socket
  • 1 Audio-Sync Input
  • 1 MIDI/DIN Sync/Modular Clock Input
  • 4 MIDI/DIN Sync/Modular Clock Output
  • 1 LFO Output (0 - 5V)
  • 1 Socket for External Power Supply (9V - 15V DC)
  • 4 Clock Shift Controls - +-400ms (One for each Channel)
  • 4 Shuffle Controls (One for each Channel)
  • Function Button for Each Channel
  • Navigate Encoder Knob
  • Select Menu and Set Channel Button
  • Stop and Play button
  • BPM LED Indication
  • Play Button
  • Manual

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