Dreadbox Telepathy


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TELEPATHY is a full voice analog synthesizer module with deep modulation options due to its multi-destination LFO and Envelope. From Bass to Lead sounds, to drums and drones, TELEPATHY has broad and versatile sound design capabilities. It has a Full Analog path (Typhon VCO, 4-polelow pass / 2-pole high pass filters, analog VCA) that is digitally controlled for more precision over its parameters, resulting in a warm, present and distinct Dreadbox sound. With lots of useful and musical features integrated into a compact size, and its skiff friendly design, TELEPATHY is a great addition to small or large eurorack systems.

  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 35mm
  • 1x Analog Oscillator with saw, square, -1 oct square sub and noise,plus PW control for square, level for noise and waveshape
  • Automatic tuning for the oscillator and fine tune
  • Analog 24db Resonant Low pass filter with Oscillator FM and Noise FM and 6db High pass filter
  • Analog VCA
  • 1x LFO with Free/Key/Track/BPM/BPM Key modes, Fade in, Triangle/Saw/Ramp/Square/Random waveforms, that is mapped to various parameters
  • 2x Envelopes, one dedicated to the VCA with Velocity controland one loopable for Low pass Filter, Pitch and PW
  • CV in patch that can be mapped to all the basic parameters in parallel with dedicated amount for each parameter
  • MIDI in/out+through
  • CC in/out, Program Change in/out
  • Multitimbral Chaining functionality via MIDI up to 8 modules
  • 16 presets
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