Dreadbox Dystopia


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True to its name, Dreadbox’s Dystopia Eurorack module is capable of mangling any signal into a post-apocalyptic sonic wasteland. Its variable white-to-blue and whit-to-pink noise generators are equipped with independent level attenuators to create the perfect blend of static wash. Degrade the noise further with Dystopia’s 1Hz to 8kHz bit crusher, random gate generator, and chaotic scatter mode, or patch in and destroy an external signal, bypassing the internal noise generator and engaging dual parallel filters. Included in Dreadbox’s versatile and budget-friendly Chromatic Modules series, Dystopia is perfect for Eurorack rookies and pro-level sound designers alike.

  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Power: 56mA @+12V / 67mA @-12V 
  • Manual 
  • Noise Generator (white, white to pink, white to blue, scatter, digital, pitch)
  • Bit Crusher with range from 1sec up to 8kHz
  • Digital Noise can also be used as a Random Gate Generator
  • Dual Filter (parallel) 12dB Low Pass and High Pass Filter
  • When you insert a signal to the External In, the Internal Noise generator is cancelled and the External Signal is in process
  • LED indicator for all controls to illustrate the current CV SumCV Audio Manipulator

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