Dnipro Modular Ewa

Dnipro Modular

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Add-on to the Krait module.

Ewa was created as a partner to the Krait module, a syncable 3-channel modulation source. Paired with Ewa, Krait will get new useful abilities, such as 3 freely routable cv inputs, endless encoder for smooth editing without value jumps, dedicated clock menu button and clock and reset outputs.

Each CV input can be used to record external cv source in Record mode. You can route it to any parameter of the LFO and Random too. With Ewa now it is easy to modulate LFO rate or Random slew for example. CV inputs are bipolar and react to the signals between -5 +5 voltages.

Additionally a dedicated clock menu button and clock output can make Krait as a clock source for other modules in your system that need sync.

To use Ewa, you need to install firmware 2.0 on Krait.

  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 42mm
  • Power: 20mA @ 12V / 12mA @ -12V
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