Cosmotronic Cosmix Pro - Black


Regular price CAD$515.00

A completely new design, with a lot of attention to sound quality, with a clean, low noise signal path, and lots of headroom.
It features the same amount of channels as the previous Cosmix, 4x mono in, and 2x stereo in.

There's one mono aux bus, and an additional true stereo AUX for all channels, with a dedicated mono and stereo return.
Each channel has a pan pot, a big push button for clickless muting, and a dedicated LED level meter to visualize channel output level.

The mono channels come with a handy low cut switch. (-3dB @80Hz  / -6dB @ 45Hz)
The stereo channels have an optional +18dB gain, allowing you to easily mix in line level external gear.
The two stereo channels also have a CV input for voltage controlled panning.

There are connectors on the back for daisy chaining, or for connecting to future expanders/other mixer units.
  • Width: 22HP
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Power: 170mA @+12v /1 70mA @-12v
  • 4 Mono Channels
  • 2 Stereo Channels
  • Clickless Mutes
  • Low cut switch. (-3dB @80Hz  / -6dB @ 45Hz)
  • Stereo channels have an optional +18dB gain
  • 1 Aux bus with Pre/Post switches
  • Stereo Dual Band Overdrive
  • Master Volume

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