Befaco DivKid Output Bus [PRE-ORDER]


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The Output Bus is your ultimate output module: Presented by DivKid and Befaco, meant to be the last link in your modular chain!

Inspired by pro audio and studio summing units the Output Bus allows for summing style mixing, external gear integration, soft clip limiting, flexible output types, headphone monitoring and level visualization.

The module works great mixing all your other mixers in your setup, to return mono or stereo FX into the master bus and for bringing in external stereo line level gear with ease. All of this in just 8HP while also being able to visualize your final levels, output appropriate signals on the right cable type and monitor in headphones.

  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Power: 70mA @ +12V / 68mA @ -12V
  • Six stereo inputs.
  • Line/synth selector in input six.
  • Modular level minijack out.
  • 6,5” Jack balanced out.
  • Minijack and 6,5” phones out.
  • Led Vu-meter.
  • Soft clipping circuit at main output.
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