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FX Boy is a multi-fx processor with the FX stored in console cartridges. This approach, even if it can look bizarre at first sight, allows you to change analog and digital algorithms on the fly just by swapping the carts. Each cart is a little piece of hardware, like a guitar pedal you can embed on your modular synth and change for others without touching a single cable. All controls are CV controllable for real-world modular fun. The cart set you received with your module, is designed in collaboration with several talented manufacturers. Yes… A crazy idea with the support of a bunch of crazy people.

  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Power: 125mA @ +12V / 100mA @ -12V
  • Manual
  • CV control over all parameters and Dry/wet
  • CV controllable four-band EQ, routable post or pre-effect.
  • Selector for two different flavours of each cart.
  • Open specifications to design your own carts
  • Hot swap for all carts. (A tiny pop can occur depending on the cartridge design)
  • GameBoy cartridge based multi-FX unit
  • Includes the following cartridges:
    • Befaco: Trash Harmonic Distortion
    • Feedback: Flanger
    • Making Sound Machines: Analog Wavefolder
    • Tesseract Modular: AVMA bipolar VCA + wavefolder
    • Instruo: Micro Phaser
    • Touell Skouarn: Eskuara fuzz
    • XOR: FX Girl digital effects
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