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After Later Audio Rainier

After Later Audio

Regular price CAD$269.00

An 8HP version of Mutable Instruments Peaks that adds CV inputs and attenuverters for each of the four parameters and adds attenuverters for each of the outputs.

This is a presale with modules shipping on Nov 18th.  All design files will be published at that time.

It can be an ADSR-style envelope generator, an LFO and a drum emulator.  By default we will  load the Dead Man’s Catch (DMC) firmware which adds the Alt ENV, ALT LFO, ALT Tap, Alt Drum modes

  • Width: 8HP
Additional Dead Man’s Catch firmware modes:
  • Basic (original modes)
               Tap LFO
               Bass/Snare Drums
  • Alternative ENV
               Double attack envelope
               Repeating attack envelope
               Looping envelope
               Randomized AD envelope
               Bouncing ball envelope
  • Alternative LFO
               Frequency-modulated LFO (folded sine FM)
               Frequency-modulated LFO (random FM)
               Varying wave shape LFO ( folded sine WS mod)
               Varying wave shape LFO ( random WS mod)
               Phase-locked loop oscillator
  • Alternative TAP Mini-sequencer
               Pulse Shaper
               Pulse Randomizer
               Turing Machine
  • Alternative DRUM
               FM drum Generators
               Randomized bass and snare drum generators
               Randomized high hat

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