After Later Audio Enigma Expander for Alan and Benjolin V2

After Later Audio

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Rob Hordijk’s latest revision of the classic Benjolin. The core of the Benjolin continues to be two oscillators, the rungler (stepped CV generator), and a multimode filter. This latest revision adds:

  • Reworked oscillator and filter sections
  • All levels are adjusted to eurorack standards
  • Two different steps modes (8/16 and 127)
  • Double and single clock rate
  • Externally clockable
  • External filter input with blend control
  • Support for the Turing Machine expanders (with Tom’s permission)

The Turing Machine expanders can be purchased from us (Morcom/Enigma) as pre-built modules or purchased as DIY kits from Thonk (Pulses/Volts)

An expander for our Alan (a smaller version of the Turing Machine) and our Benjolin V2 that enables you to manipulate the stepped CV sequence. This enables you to create a different, yet related sequence to the main Alan output.


The module comes with the required cable to connect to Alan or Benjolin V2. On the back of Enigma you will see two headers with the word GATES written on the PCB (either will work), and on the back of Alan or Benjolin, there will be a corresponding header that also says GATES. This is how the expander is connected to the main module. There are 2 headers on the back of Enigma because it can be daisy chained. 1 Alan or Benjolin can support up to 5 Enigmas.

Based on open source design by Tom Whitwell under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA) license.

  • Width: 4HP
  • Power: 5mA @+12v  / 0mA @-12v 
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