ADDAC System ADDAC603 VC Triple Bandpass Filter

ADDAC System

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At ADDAC we’ve been in love with Bandpass Filters for a long time! We use them in several different ways but mostly as dynamic equalizers at the end of an audio chain for ever-changing timbral qualities with slow modulations on frequency and volume. Slightly or drastically changing the character of the incoming sound just by controlling a few parameters and adjusting the modulation speed. And while this method is a personal preference of ours while developing such module we soon realized that some features would give it other aural qualities and so we started by adding a dedicated feedback control so that each filter could self-oscillate while making this control independent from the Bandwidth control. Also added an amplifier x3 or x100 at each of the inputs in order to create soft or hard distortions turning it into a controllable 3 band distortion!

  • Width: 22HP
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Power: 250mA @+12V / 250mA @-12V
  • Manual
  • 3 independent Bandpass filters each with: Input gain up to x3 or x100 via a switch
  • VC Frequency with attenuverter
  • VC Bandwidth  with attenuverter
  • 6 or 12db (1 or 2 poles) Switch
  • Resonance
  • Individual output VC Amplifier with attenuverter
  • Phase output switch

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