Eowave Supamix


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Supamix is a compact Eurorack mixer designed to fuel your sonic adventures. This versatile module as 6 channels and a unique mute automation engine into 10HP, making it perfect for live performances, space-conscious setups, and creative mixing.
  • Width: 10HP
  • Power: 80mA @ +12V / 40mA @ -12V
  • Manual

Mix with Precision and Expression:

  • Dedicated Pan Controls: Craft your stereo image with 2 individual pan knobs for manual placement.

  • Dynamic Panning: 2 CV-controlled pan inputs let you add movement and dynamism to your sources.

  • Seamless Integration: Stereo inputs with dedicated gain allow effortless connection of stereo modules.

  • Dedicated Mute Buttons: Take instant control with individual mute buttons, featuring a freeze function for sustained muting when using the swap engine.

Automate Your Mutes with Creativity: Supamix feature a unique swap engine made to control the mutes states manually or via cv to Build Evolving Patches.12 modes of for controlling your mutes are available:

  • 1A: Trigg Invert: Instantly flip mute states with a trigger.

  • 1B: Gate Invert: momentary flip mute states with a gate.

  • 2A: Turn Off: Momentarily silence all channels with a gate

  • 2B: Wave On: Progressively unmute channels as a CV rises.

  • 3A: Binary Counter: trigger to increment a 6-bit binary sequence, turning mutes on/off.

  • 3B: CV to Binary: Transform a CV signal into a 6-bit binary pattern, precisely controlling the state of each mute based on the CV value.

  • 4A: Trig Rotate: Shift mute positions with a trigger. each trig shift the mute position one step further.

  • 4B: CV Rotate: Shift mute positions with CV control. at 0V the mute are in their original position, at 5v mute will be shifted 6 position forward.

  • 5A: Trig Sequencer: Control a step sequencer who invert the mute state where the playhead is. each trig will move the playhead one step further

  • 5B: CV Sequencer: Control a step sequencer who invert the mute state where the playhead is. at 0v, the playhead is on the first mute, at 5 V on the 6th

  • 6A: Randomize: Shake things up with a trigger that scrambles all mute states.

  • 6B: Random solo:each trig will turn off all the mute exept one selected randomly

Beyond the Modes:

  • Freeze & Override: if you long press one off the mute, it will be freezed on bypassing the swap function on this track

  • Module Expansion: Connect Supamix to the "O" line/phone output module for additional functionality (sold separately).

More Than Just Mixing:

  • Subtle Saturation: Crank the level pots for a hint of distortion to add bite to your sound.


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