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ALM Busy Circuits

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The 'MEGA MILTON' is a smorgasbord of handy all analog utilities in just 8HP that will greatly extend the functionality of your Eurorack system.

It includes a stereo line input converter for incorporating line level external sources into a Eurorack system, a fixed 4 input mixer with breakout attenuator for combining signals, a gated slew limiter for adding slides to sequences, a sample and hold with analog white noise with a myriad of uses such as generative melodies or producing percussive textures and finally a buffered mult for droop free signal distribution with handy LEDs to monitor.

  All sections are normalised to help with typical use cases such as generating random CV from the sample & hold section, a smooth random source from the slew output and breaking out a standalone attenuator from the fourth mixer input.

The 'MEGA MILTON' provides essential classic synthesizer building blocks for patching in any Eurorack system.

  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Power: 70mA @ +12V / 70mA @ -12V

⁃ Stereo line in to Eurorack level converter & mono splitter.
  ⁃ Four input summing mixer with break out attenuator.
  ⁃ Slew limiter circuit with gate input for switching on and off.
  ⁃ High quality sample & hold circuit with low 'droop rate'.
  ⁃ Analog White noise generator.
  ⁃ Buffered multiple with LED polarity indicators.
  ⁃ Normalisation between sections for simplified patching.
  ⁃ Skiff friendly with reverse power protection.
  ⁃ 2 Year Warranty
  ⁃ Made in England.


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